Friday December 10th Schedule SASAT 2010

09:00-09:15am : Opening Remarks:
Gundu Rao, Ph.D.,
Jawed Fareed, Ph.D.
Session I : Chairs: V. Mohan, MD, Ph.D
Gundu Rao, Ph.D.
09:15-10:00am : Jerome Markowitz Oration: Genetic Mapping of Plasma Lipids and Biomarkers in MI Patients
Sekar Kathiresan, MD
10.00-10:30am : Type-2 Diabetes: Epidemiology, Risk Factors and Management
V. Mohan, MD PhD
10:30-10:45am : Coffee Break
10:45-11:00am : Introduction to the 3rd International Summit on Anticoagulant and Antithrombotic Drugs
Jawed Fareed, Ph.D.
11:00-11:30am : Biosimilar Drugs and Their Future Impact on Care
Charles Carter, Pharm.D
11:30-12:00pm : Regulatory Considerations in the Development of Biosimilar Drugs
Lilia Talarico, M.D.
12:00-01:00pm : LUNCH
Session II : Chairs: Craig Jackson, Ph.D.,
PVN Raju, Ph.D.
01:30-02:00pm : Practical Considerations in the Development of Biosimilar and Biogeneric Drugs
Wolfram Raake, Ph.D
02:00-02:30pm : Generic Low Molecular Weight Heparins. Pros and Cons
Craig Jackson, Ph.D.
02:30-03:00pm : Generic Anticoagulants and Their Future Impact
Evi Kalodiki, M.D., Ph.D.
03:00-03:15pm : Coffee Break
Session III  : Chairs: Alexander G.G. Turpie
Lilia Talarico, M.D.
03:15-03:45pm : Anticoagulation in Interventional Cardiovascular Indications
Nicholas Kipshidze, M.D.
Lekha Pathak, M.D.
03:45-04:15pm : Immunogenicity of Heparins and Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia
Renu Saxena, M.D.
04:15-04:45pm : New and Old Antiplatelet Drugs
Rakesh Wahi, M.D.
04:45-05:15pm : Low Molecular Weight Heparins and Pentasaccharides in the Generic Era
Jawed Fareed, Ph.D.
05:15-06:00pm : Facilitated Discussion with the Participants
Charles Carter, Pharm.D
PVN Raju, Ph.D.
07:00-08:30pm : Inauguration of SASAT 2010
    Opening Remarks: Jawed Fareed & Gundu H. R. Rao
    Address by Chief Guest
Award Ceremony
Vote of Thanks
    Followed by Gala Dinner sponsored by Gland Pharma