Delhi Summit 2007 - Acknowledgements

The Organizing Committee gratefully acknowledges the primary endorsements of this Summit by the National Union of Angiology. We are grateful to present Hosea Fernandez and the Scientific Committee Chair, Dr. Andrew Nicolaides for initiating the concept of this meeting. The organizers are also thankful to Dr. Renu Saxena of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences for her advice and support of this Summit.

We are also grateful to Dr. Rodger Bick, President of the International Academy of Clinical and Applied Thrombosis and Hemostasis for his generous support and endorsement of this meeting. We are thankful to Dr. Job Harenberg, Chair of the ADHOC Group on the Generic Low Molecular Weight Heparin Study under the auspices of the committee on the control of anticoagulation's of the SSC for helpful advice and suggestions.

We are most thankful to all of the speakers and contributors to this meeting for their input in the development of this program. Finally, the organizing committee is thankful to the Loyola University Medical Center of Chicago and University of Minnesota for their support and development of this program.